Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Second Apartment!!

Yay!! We are in our new apartment and loving it!! We lucked out getting good deals on furniture which was really nice seeing how we didn't have anything really!

And of course Justin had to be silly again and be drinking again in each picture. haha. This is our living room and Justin's pride and joy entertainment center.

We actually have a closet to store our games and blankets...what a concept!!

Cute Justin loves to pose!

This is my favorite set up! We have a pantry and a million cupboards in stead of only two cupboards haha. And the dishwasher...ahhhh :) The little things in life make you so grateful...even a garbage disposal!

You gotta go you gotta go....

Ya this is just the hallway haha but we do have a linen closet now yay!

My turn to be in pictures!!
This is our office/exercise/storage/random room....It's great!

Justin loved hanging this up!

Our new bed...we still have our old pillowcases on it...we just can't seem to let them go! Maybe we will get grown up bed stuff someday :)

His and hers closets!! so much fun!