Sunday, April 4, 2010


HAPPY EASTER!!!!! We wish we could have spent the Easter holiday with our families, but it was still a lot of fun having our first Easter together. We celebrated by dying Easter Eggs and it was so much fun! We are pretty artistic haha:)

Please don't mind the General Conference weekend laziness of not getting ready :)

Justin was very excited to make the dyes

Dying Easter eggs is one of my favoritest traditions!! although...I don't really know why it is done!!

Justin loved his eggies

Oh ya girly eggs with flower and butterfly stickers haha

Justin being patriotic and making his red, white, and blue egg

We can't let the tradition of egg dying die!

My eggs are the top row and Justin's are on the bottom. The green one is supposed to be an "I love Justin" one, but it got all poka-dottie and you couldn't really tell :( The yellow, red, and orange one is a candy corn...wrong holiday huh? Justin stayed true to BYU with his blue one!

6 Month Anniversary

Our 6 month anniversary was on March 22nd so we just did little things for each other to celebrate....

Justin got me a pretty plant!...I had been wishing for a plant for a long time for our apartment just to bring some more life in and he was so cute and surprised me and brought one home. And it is STILL alive!! yay! maybe I do have a green thumb :)

I made some sugar cookies, which Justin loves, and wrote "Happy 6 mos" on them...but you can't see the "mos" anymore because Justin got a little hungry happy