Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkie carving!

On Friday night we carved pumpkins with a bunch of our friends. We totally carved a werewolf! Sweet!!!!

Craft Time!

I felt really crafy this week for some reason. My friend Kristy showed me how to make these cute little pumpkins!

They are made out of orange paint, glue, and a paper towel roll!

This is my fall wreath that I made. I love it!

Last first day of school!

September 9, 2010 was my last first day of school at BYU Idaho YAY!!! I finally get to graduate in December!

Justin's football game

Justin's first football game was against the Titans and Justin's team, the Bruins, won 28-13!

He is lucky number 11 again!

Justin always leads the pump up

There's Justin in the back
Justin is the one right in front of the 50 yard line

Justin is in the middle on the 45 yard line

Justin is kicking the field goal...totally made it!

Justin is to the left of the referee

Justin running to the sideline all happy after he punted the ball to the Titans, who dropped it and his team recovered it!

Mesa Falls, Idaho

We got to go to Mesa Falls with our friends Juan, Nicole, and little Noah Rodriquez. It was sooooo beautiful!

Scenic overlook before the falls

he's so handsome :)

The Rodriguez family

Mesa Falls Upper Falls


aww ;)

The cloudy day made everything even more beautiful

We learned that the mist from the waterfall is what helps the moss grow on the mountain on the other side.

Mesa Falls Lower Falls

Cedar Point Ohio

Yay! Cedar Point theme park! Ryan, Justin, Stacey and I had an awesome time!!

We rode the Millenium Force first...insane!!!

This is the Top Thrill Dragster that we all chickened out going on!

This is the really jerky, bumbpy wooden roller coaster Gemini. We didn't really enjoy getting headaches from that one :(

Aw cute couple :)

Me and Stacey

Ryan, Stacey, and Justin

Good bye Cedar point :(