Monday, October 31, 2011

Tenley's Blessing

Our little Tenley Ann was blessed on October 16. She did so great and didn't even cry! And Justin's blessing was beautiful! We were so blessed to have our families come out and join us for her special day! We had sooo much fun!

Tenley wore the same blessing dress that my mom was blessed in and me and all three of my sisters were blessed. It was so special for me to be able to put that dress on her. I started tearing up a little!

The whole fam that was there

Us with Justin's brother Ryan, dad Bick, Grandma Carol, and cousin Sam

Us with my mom Julie, dad Eddie, brother Kevin, and sisters Cyndi, Cori, and Aimee

Four Generations :)

This is the last time Tenley will see Uncle Kevin for awhile :( since he will be going on a mission soon to Pittsburg, PA on December 7!!

We all went out to Craigo's the Saturday before Tenley's blessing. We had a room all to ourselves and it was so fun!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tenley's First Month

Our little baby is growing up already. She will be a month old tomorrow October 10! It has been a wonderful month filled with fun, challenges, and just dang cuteness!! We love our cute little girl :)
Tenley falling asleep sitting up haha

Mamma and Tenley

Where's Tenley, where'd she go???

She can fall asleep in any position apparently

ohh dad what are you doing to me?

chilling with her daddy

Tenley slipping out of her bouncer and who knows where her sock is??

Going on a Sunday stroll in the park. She LOVES her stroller and carseat...they put her to sleep without fail!

Little Miss Cutie Pie!

Another day of just hanging out and having fun :)

"Live long and prosper!"

whoa big eyes

Tenley trying to wake up

Eskimo kissing daddy :)

Having her daily tummy time!

She tries to army crawl...too cute!

Another day of tummy time, this time she is doing planks

And then it decided to snow in Rexburg the first week in October, so we had to have a warm baby girl all prepared to face the cold!

Gangsta baby :)

Little Angel Baby

Tenley can hold her head up now so we thought we would give her bumbo a try...and she LOVES it!! She loves to sit up and just watch mommy and daddy.

She even got to sit with us at breakfast. So fun!Mean trick daddy!

Tenley's first Sunday. All dressed up and SO cute!!!