Friday, July 13, 2012

Picture OVERLOAD time!!! May through July!

Hello family!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in a couple months! So, here are pictures from May, June, and so far in July! We can't believe our little Tenley is 10 months old now! I'm sure the next 2 months will fly and before we know it we will have a 1 year old! She is just so much fun and sooo cute and we just love her to death!
We went and spent the day at the Griffith Park part about was FREE!!!
Ten just kickin back in her stroller
There was a little segment on Sir Francis Drake which Justin thought was awesome because he is somehow related to him!
Beautiful ceiling mural
Pendulum time thing that is really cool
After seeing there was tons of fun stuff to look at Tenley didn't want to be in her stroller anymore, but also didn't want us to hold, no, no...she wanted to WALK the WHOLE time! we couldn't believe how strong she was! I'm done :)
Our 4th of July was really fun! It started out with a 10k (6 mile) race that Cyndi, Mom, and I did. We got to see Justin, Tenley, and Dad along the route and that was the best encouragement! This is us waving to them! Ya, I know I look kinda crazy :)
Crossing the finish line yay!!
This is NOT really what it looks like. It looks like I am keeled over in pain and cyndi is about to throw up and mom is acting like it was nothin!! BUT... I was bending over to stretch, Cyndi was in the process of sitting down and ya i guess mom really did think it was nothin :)
yay! Go us!!!
Bath time to get ready for our big holiday
I'm so innocent ;)
Ummm..what are you guys doing to me?
We are painting her nails for the very first time!!!

Yes I love avocado with all my heart..what of it??
The whole 4th of July gang

Ten loved waving her flags!

We were "The Avengers" for 4th of July!
Tenley really liked her glow in the dark bracelets

Just waiting for the fireworks to start. Every year the park by our house puts on a huge firework show with music that is always really good.
Tenley really like the fireworks if they were going off one right after another, but if there was a tiny lull she lost intrest haha
Gammer and Papa took Aunt Aimee, Tenley, and I to the Homestead Museum by their house and it was really pretty!!

Sleepy head slept part of the time
can i have this in my backyard someday??
sisters, sisters
love even more...

Papas glasses broke and he became a pirate Tenley thought it was pretty funny
love this the MOST!!!! totally my closet someday!

Please take me home..hahaha!
Practicing walking
first time in her little kiddie pool!
She did NOT like I had to get in with her
Then she liked it better when she could have her sweet potatoe fries too haha

ok i don't like it again
ok new toys, I'm ok...
NOOOO! MOM got out!!! I HATE this now!!!
We went to Mormon night at Dodger Stadium. It was so much fun!

I love this picture of Tenley sneakin around the side with that little nose scrunch smile :)
cutest Dodger baby EVER! And she didnt even get on dodger vision :(
Ten with G Ma
The whole gang
Linkin Park was there and threw out a pitch
AND...gues who else was there...ya you read it right "Uchtdorf" as in President Uchtdorf!
He threw out a pitch too!!!
The Mormons in the crowd went CRAZY!!
Cutest baseball butt I've ever seen!!!

Gettin restless and sleepy
She finally lost her battle but she was a trooper!!!
Very first hike yay!!

didn't last long hahah
That does not look comfy!! but she was OUT!!
Gammer and Papa took the 3 of us to Shoreline Village and it was so fun and cute!
Tenley didn't know if she liked the Merry-go-round
and then she did!!
I'm pretty sure I make the best pirate and Justin makes the best mermaid :)

gotta love the fun hat store

Gammer and Papa were so nice and got this cute hat for Ten
I'll take some of this funnel cake...
...and some of that ice cream thanks :)
so fun!!
cutest mermaid haha
Justin's favorite store full of hot sauce!

a Tenley sized rocking chair!
She likes to flap her arms really fast when she wants to be picked up, we think that someday she will flap so hard she will fly away hahaha
Tenley's favorite pasttime...pulling all her books off the shelf..yay
she loves to hand them to you too haha
Who me?????
her FAVORITE ball

she always has to try to get the camera that stinker!

She loves her little bunny "Foo Foo" she has to sleep with him...can you say cutest thing ever!
Ready for the Pool!

Wish they all could be california girls :)

Maybe if I scoot back far enough, they won't know it was me

Fallin asleep on the job :)

Tuckered out after a long day at the mall
We took Tenley to one of our favorite places, the Santa Monica Pier
She loves her Daddy :)

Yes, I love the Merry-Go-Round!!
We got her name done to add a little decoration to her room (Uncle Kevin's racecar boy room)

She loves to clap her hands..cutest thing!!

This is the bench where, 4 years ago, Justin and I first talked about getting married. It was so neat to come back and have our little baby with us :)
We visited the little aquarium under the pier and Tenley loved it!!
She even got to touch a starfish!

We measured her and she is as big as the round stingray
first walk on th beach ever
first dip in the cool!
...and then she hated it hahaha

But, I love the sand!!
pooped out again :)
Going for our first swim!

such precious moments watching our baby sleep
Ten reading one of her favorite kinds of books, touch and feel, with Daddy