Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Britt's Birthday!!!

Justin decided back in March he was going to have a birthday surprise for me, but didn't tell me what it was! I get so frustrated not knowing surprises, but they are really fun! So, on Saturday it finally came time for my surprise and Justin blindfolded me until we got to the little Rexburg airport. Then he told me I could take the blindfold off and he told me I was going to get to fly an airplane!! And this is my excited face haha

Justin's friend Nick was kind enough to take us up in his plane!
We were so incredibly excited! A little nervous becuase I have never been in such a small plane!

Pilot Justin is ready to fly! So cute:)

Doing plane inspection to make sure everything is clear to go.

Our very first little plane ride together on the baby blue muskateer

We even got to wear sweet headsets and talk to each other on them!

Justin praying we will make it out alive haha

My favorite part...Take off!!!

Um ya so cool!! He let me take over the plane!! I got to be a pilot for like 5 minutes :) I think I was good...poor Justin got super sick in the plane and when we were about to land I got sick too. We had the best time, but I don't know if either of us would choose to do it again because we got so nauseous :(

Air view of the Rexburg Temple. So beautiful! I was still flying the plane at this time! Oh, andthat is our church building we go to right behind the temple. It was an awesome experience! Justin did such an awesome birthday surprise!

Justin was super cute and made me a birthday cheesecake (my favorite!) on my actual birthday

All out in one blow!

YUM YUM! I love cheesecake :)

These were all my cards I got from loved ones! Thanks again! And a few days later my present from Justin came in the mail...A really beautiful white whatch I was really wanting. Another surprise from my cute hubby :)