Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tenley at 6 months!!!

WOW!!!! Our little Tenley is 6 months old! We can't believe she is half a year already! She is just SOOOOO much fun! And we have been taking a million pictures so get ready for picture OVERLOAD! We just love to show off our pride and joy :)

To start off with...Justin's work threw a surprise graduation party for him (and someone else)! He was so surprised and loved it!

Tenley didn't quite know what to think of the snow haha

ok mom this is boring take me inside

Tenley just LOVES to play. She loves all her toys and anything can become a toy to her haha

We are trying to teach her to crawl, we may regret that later! but, she doesn't really get it haha. she just gets frustrated being stuck in the crawling position.
Our sweet girl :)

Waiting to get ready for church

She is always so happy in the morning :)
We try to go to the park any time there is good weather and she loves the swings!

Daddy's girl!

Daddy's sleepin girls

playing with her little friend Weston at church. She doesn't quite now what to think when other babies play with her toys haha

Tenley's favorite pasttime...pulling her socks off and eating them..gross!

eating a cracker for the first time..she devourered it!!!

lookin so smart in Daddy's glasses!

she has 6 teeth now! 4 on top and 2 on bottom!

taking model pictures for aunt shannons flower business!
Bath tiiiiime!!!!! This girl loves her baths!

I know I'm a mean mom...I wasn't purposely trying to squirt her in th face, but I thought this picture was funny
This is what I was trying to do haha

She likes to try to eat the bubbles haha

pretty girl ;)
super flexy girl! if you learn to crawl you can get it!
i die laughing every time i see this! i dont know what she was doing!!

Having a playdate with her friend Weston. Learning to share her toys :)

She LOVED Weston's cool play toys! It was like she had died and gone to heaven ahaha