Thursday, May 3, 2012

8 months baby!!!!

HOLY COW!!!! I haven't updated this in 2 months! So prepare yourself for picture overload, we just love taking pictures of EVERYTHING Tenley does! haha! Some things about her at 8 months old: She is crawling everywhere!
she pulls her self up to stand onto anything and everything
she laughs and smiles all the time
she has a favorite pink bunny stuffed animal that she loves to snuggle with whenever she sleeps and she loves to play with it too, she even puts a death grip on it if you try to take it away and gets excited if she sees it and hurries and crawls to it or takes it from you...SO cute!
she says "mama" and "dada" but not to us in particular she just repeats it over and over again, so some day she will say it to us!!
she sleeps all night again, yay!!
she stands up in her crib when she wakes up and smiles at you when you go in to get thing ever!
she LOVES avocado and bananas and animal crackers
she loves to swing
she gets excited to see anyone and will bounce up and down and smile
she waves goodbye sometimes
her giggle is the best sound in the world!!
Mother's Day! This was my first Mother's Day and boy was it amazing! I am so grateful to be a mother to my precious, sweet, beautiful daughter. I thank Heavenly Father for her everyday. This was the iris she brought into me when Justin and her brought me breakfast in bed , she even handed it to me gently and smiled :)

I felt like the most special mommy in the world. I got iris' in bed with my breakfast, sunflowers in the bathroom, and a huge balloon found in the car when we went to go to church. and perfume! I have the best hubby and daughter!!

Tenley loving having gammer read a book to her on mothers day

chillin while everyone makes dinner

Somebody doesn't like the grass???

Doing bubbles for the first time with mommy and cousin Nikki

She didn't quite know what to think of them. She liked them, but the kept disappearing! haha!
She didnt really like when they popped in her face :)

Snuggling with her bunny and bum in the air...SO precious! apparently mommy slept like this all the time mother like daughter :)

Having a dance party with aunt cyndi and aunt cori!!
what the heck are they doing mom???
gettin her groove on too!
This is her new stand up trick...

...TADA!!! i did it!!

favorite thing...the swing!

our little mermaid :)

We go on walks a lot and she loves it!

do we have a model in the fam??

somebody loves her seasame street....when she hears the opening music she stops what she is doing and is sucked into the tv!!

hanging with pops
and Gma

her first taste of a powdered donut...can you say LOVEd it???

We took Justin and Tenley down to Olvera Street, the very first street in Los Angeles.

Tenley's new funny thing...she poseswith her arm out and smiles hahaha!

Our little family :)

Justin having fun haha
Tenley's first taste of a cold snow cone bahahahahaha! most hilarious thing ever!

Escaping the heat outside in Union Station

cultural fun!

Tenley and I danced to these street performers and it was so fun but we didnt get a picture for some reason :(
Tenley trying out her new walker and lovin it!
we love bonfires with smores oh yeah!!
Daddy and pops set up Tenleys new swing in the backyard and she LOVES it!!

Messy girl with only one sock haha just like uncle kevin, can't wait to send this pic to him on his mission!
Tenley's first Easter! We even got to do an Easter egg up with our cousins!
no we don't eat eggs hahahaha
She was so excited!
Daddy look at all the eggs i found!

Aunt cori, aunt cyndi, aunt aimee and cousin addi
in her super cute first easter dress!

First easter basket from the easter bunny
thankfully we had gma and pops come to help us move from rexburg. gma loves to help with bedtime routine :)

our chubby little M&M girl!!!