Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Early Christmas!

This year we are going to spend Christmas in Michigan with Justin's family. So, my mom mailed Tenley her presents and we opened it today so we didn't have to travel with it. It was so fun opening the presents with Tenley. She tried to eat the paper at first, but then had fun watching the colorful paper being unwrapped. She loved looking at the colorful, fun, learning and bath toys Grandma and Grandpa King got for her!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Picture Time

Tenley's Photo Shoot

We took these pictures a couple days after Tenley was born and I never posted them:( sorry! but she is sooooo cute and we had fun taking these


This year for Thanksgiving, we didn't want to travel anywhere with our new baby so we decided to stay home and give a try at making our first Thanksgiving dinner....And it was awesome!! Justin was the turkey master and made a wonderful turkey! We had so much fun!

Tenley was so patient just swinging in her swing while we made dinner. But, by the end of the day she wanted all our attention :)

haha wishing she could eat the turkey

Tenley~ 2 Months Old

Our little baby girl is growing up! She is so much fun!

Tenley has started doing this new thing where she drools ALL the time and she blows bubbles! Kinda gross but funny and cute :)

Hanging out with Daddy so Mommy can get some needed sleep!

cutest little ducky!

Sometimes we wonder....

Sometimes we're sad...

and sometimes we're happy :)

(the 30 second changing thoughts of a 2 month old)

me on my tummy+me spitting up=me rubbing my face in my own spit up :(

ya... my mommy likes to dress me up :)

the "soul patch spit up look"

She loves her bumbo seat

She loves to look at her animals in her crib

where's my shirt?


oh hi!