Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tenley at 4 months

Our sweet little girl is 4 months already!!! Time is FLYING!!!! She is so cute and fun, we just want to eat her up all the time!!! Fun things about her:

She reaches out to grab things, including our faces which is SO precious :)

She baby babbles and squeals all the time..she's gonna be a talker!

She can almost roll over

She has two little teeth...crazy!

She sleeps through the night, most nights...

She loves to look at books

She sings (humms) herself to precious!

AND....This is her new trick!!!!....

ok, so she can only hold it for like 10-15 seconds, but STILL!!!! We were freaking out with excitement! We will keep practicing for sure!!

Grandma JuJu and Pops and Tenley's 3 aunts brought her home form New York this cute outfit!

First time in the "Big Girl Bath" :) our little mermaid loves water!

Just chillin waiting for mom and dad to hurry and get ready and pick me up

She fell asleep looking at her favorite book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"

Out for a quick walk around the block to get some needed fresh air for a few minutes. I think she just loves being outside so much that she doesn't care about the cold because she never cried!

Tenley's first time trying baby rice cereal....lets just say it was a HILARIOUS experience!! She didn't know quite what to do with it. She made sour faces and more of it came out than actually went in her tummy :) SO fun!!!We didn't take an "after" picture for some dumb reason, but here is the next days feeding event "after" pictures!...Messy bessy!!Excited to eat her cereal again!!

Tummy Time :) Still doesn't last very long, but we are working on it!

She loves her dog Woofie :)

Rapunzel Costume :)

Grandma JuJu and Pops sent Tenley the CUTEST costume ever!!! It's Rapunzel's dress from Tangled and may I just say I have the cutest Rapunzel EVER!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Vacation in Michigan!

This year we got to go to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with Justin's family. It was such a fun reunion since we hadn't seen them since August 2010! All of Justin's family was there including his parents, Bick and Linda, siblings Ryan, Stacey, Shannon and her family of 5, and Great Grandma Carol. We had such a FUN time!!!!! It was soooo fun for Tenley to be able to meet the other side of the family and her only cousins!! Grandma JuJu sent Tenley the cutest little elf outfit which was perfect because.....
...Santa CAME!!!!!
Tenley didn't quite know what to think of the fat man dressed in red!

cutest stinkin elf EVER! I just want to eat her up!!!! Thanks Grandma JuJu!

The Voge Familia

The rest of the Drake clan

Tenely is such a great Santa's lil elf :)

Bye-Bye Santa!!

It was so fun for the new babies Tenley and Bentley to meet each other. They are only six weeks apart, so it's fun to think that they were recently in heaven together and saying things like "bye! See ya in 6 weeks down on earth!!" I bet they were besties :)But, they pick on each other now.."I'm gonna pull your ear!"

"Fine, I'll punch you!"

But, we all know they love each other!

Christmas Eve!!!!

Maybe Bentley pooped???

Tenley and her big cousin Hallie who loved to hold her, play with her, and help take care of her :)

On Christmas Eve, the Drake's have a tradition of getting gag gifts from their parents. So fun! well, this year Linda asked Justin what we want for Christmas and Justin half jokingly said "DIAPERS!" because they are so expensive. Soooo....we got DIAPERS for Christmas for our gag gift, which actually is a really nice gift for us!!! haha!

And as is a Christmas Eve tradition on both the Drake and King Jammies!!! Thanks again Grandma JuJu!

Christmas morning!!! And as is tradition again on both sides of the family, no one is allowed downstairs until everyone is awake and on the stairs!!!

YAY FIRST CHRISTMAS!!! (don't mind that her hair looks like a bowl cut in this picture! ahaha!)

Tenley's new favorite toy, her fun ball from Santa

MOre socks yay!

Mommy and Tenley's present to Daddy!Daddy and Tenley's present to Mommy, rotary cutters with cutting board and ruler...I'm gonna sew, sew, sew!!

We had the Voge's for Chrismas this year and a little birdie told us they wanted the Children's Songbook! And we got it engraved for them too!

Tenley enjoyed the wrapping paper more than her actual presents :)

Stacey had us this year and she made us a beautiful, fun picture collage of me and Justin and got us an Olive Garden gift card...YUM. Thank you Stacey!

Fun books, blocks, socks, toys, and oufit from Grandma and Grandpa Drake. Thank you!

Tenley made bank her first Christmas!!

Out for a fun winter stroll

There is a little playground in their backyard so we gave Tenley her first little swing ride!

And she loved it! And thank you to Gammer Ging-Ging and Papa John for her cute little outfit she has on that you gave her for Christmas! It keeps her warm!

Grandma Drake and Tenley :)

The men watched the babies and kids while the mommies slept in :)

I thought this was a cute picture of your girls Shannon!

Grandpa time :)

It was so fun to see Great Grandma Carol. We were sad when she left to go back home :(

Cheering with Grandpa during the football game

The Grandma's with the babes :)

Tenley looks a little tipsy hahaha. But, she loved her big cousin!

We played bananagrams a lot and one time we paused the game to go do something and we came back and this banana was by bananagrams ahahahaha!!

We went to Pizzapapalis, which Justin has been taking about ever since before we even got married and he FINALLY took me there! It was very GOOD!!

The sleepin buddies :)

Deeeeeep diiiiish pizzzzzza yuuuuum!!! i could barely eat 2 pieces!

Play time again!!!

awwww they're holding hands!!

Tenley with her cousins Sydnee, Hallie, and Bentley. They had so much fun together! I'm so glad we got to see them!

We went to a hotel that had an INDOOR WATER PARKKKK!!! We got the party deal which gave us a room to change, 2 pizzas, lots of soda, and a birthday cake!

Tenley LOVED the water which didn't surprise us because she loves her baths, but she had so much fun! We think she will be a swimmer!:)The slide was way fun we went on it like 10 times!

Bathin the babes...we might not tell them when they're older that they took a bath together ;)