Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten is half of 10!

Our little Tenleybell (as Justin calls her) is 5 months old!!!! She is just a growin girl! We just have such a fun time with her. Watching her little personality shine and seeing her grow and develop is the best thing in the world! We adore her! These are her two front teeth she got for Christmas! And her top two teeth have almost broke through the gums!, where did my teething ring toy go??

happy baby :)

Just hangin with the momma!

and the dadda :)

Daddy's girl!

yay! Diaper changing time!!

yup..Ten's new thing is to grab EVERYthing!

Don't mind the non-matching blanket behind her-it blocks out the cold and the light for her so there!

and look who sits up ALL BY HER SELF now!!!!!!!

silly goose face :)

She loves to pull her socks off and eat them haha

All dressed and ready for church!

Bronners Christmas Store

I forgot to post these pictures from Christmas time. This is when the girls spent the day in Frankenmuth, MI at Bronner's the worlds largest Christmas store! It was CRAZY!! They had ornaments for every stinkin thing you could think of and every other christmas decoration you could think of!!! It was awesome!!This is Tenley's first ornament! They even personalized it for free! :) AND her stocking! It says Tenley on it, but you can't see it that well in the picture. but, yay!!