Monday, December 28, 2009

Yay Hiking!!

The day after Christmas me, Justin, Mom, Kevin, Cori and Aimee went on a hike at Placerita Canyon on the waterfall hike (5 miles). We all had a fun time exploring and getting dirty.

Justin was climbing up the scary side of the waterfull and made me so nervous! But luckily he survived

This was the second waterfall we climbed up. It was small but very beautiful!

Wahoo we did it!! I am scared of heights so it was a little scary!

Cute pals Justin and Kevin on top of the huge tree

Christmas time!

Our first Christmas together was spent in California with my family. It was so wonderful being in warm weather!! And we had a good time reading the scriptures on Christmas Eve about Christ being born, and eating a nice dinner and singing songs, and listening to Cyndi and Cori play their piano Christmas songs. And we got to talk to Justin's brother Ryan on his mission! We had a great first Christmas together!!

haha ya this was hysterical with Kevin trying to get up the guts to wrap his arms around Justin and Justin getting up the guts to let Kevins arms wrap around him...apparentely guys don't do that! It took them forever to finally do it and they were yelling to hurry and take the picture!! haha classic

Goofy family pictures

We all slept in the TV room upstairs together as tradition. And then, in the morning we, sleepy heads, wait by the stairs for the all clear from mom and dad. At this age we sleep in til like 9:30 now, its great because when we were little we were up at the crack of dawn of course!

We checked out our stockings first. Our first stockings! (thanks to walmart) It's weird, but way fun being each others Santa :)

Some amazing presents from the Drake's! Thank you!

And some great presents from the King's! thank you!

and some presents from each other! It was so much fun giving each other presents!

Justin's Birthday!!

Justin turned 23 on the 16th of December wow. Unfortunately, his birthday was during finals week, he had work at 7am and had classes all day! But, it turned out to be a fun day! and we had birthday dinner at Olive Garden yum!

Justin and all his presents! He got a bunch of food storage and a ballon sent from his parents.

His birthday cake I made...white cake with strawberry jello swirls and butter creme frosting...actually turned out really good yay!!

Christmas Decorating

Decorating our apartment for Christmas for our first time was so much fun. Our moms were so kind and sent us each of our ornaments we had received over the years and we were able to decorate or cute little tree.

Justin like putting the hooks on the, I was the tree decorator.And we ended up with a really cute tree!! We had no angel or star to put on the top, but we did have a Santa hat and didn't know what to do with it so it became our tree topper :)

We even had presents under it already! (from the Drake's) Our wreath that we couldn't hook to our door so we improvised by hanging it from a nail already in the wood haha

Our candy dishes

Mini nativity set :)

Cute Christmas table setting!

and last of our small, but growing, set of Christmas decorations, is our pretty advent calendar!


We spent Thanksgiving in Boise with Justin's Grandma Carol and we just had a blast spending time with her! We had fun watching football, eating out, making and eating tons of amazing food, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Christmas shopping at the mall, looking at Christmas lights, playing several games of monopoly (I have gotten SO much better thanks to Justin teaching me actualy strategy and now I can even beat him without cheating!), and returning to the scene of our first confessions of love :)

The funnest evening was when we taught Grandma how to vote for Donny Osmond on "Dancing with the Stars" and the three of us voted for him each like 10 times. then, the next day we were able to celebrate his victory because he won from all our votes!!

We also went and did a session at the Boise Temple which is where we took our only picture of the week...

Football Season

Justin played another season at BYU Idaho for the Vikings. He did very well and was great at helping to motivate his team. He was awarded the coaches MVP for his team and I was so proud of him!

Great football bod :)

Playing the Titans... Justin played tight end, linebacker, and he was the kicker

Playing the Hurricanes

Playing against the Hawks

Getting the team pumped up

Us after the game with his old roommate Sam, and friends Hailey and Sam

Yay football! We had so much fun this season and are so excited for next year!