Wednesday, October 17, 2012

August fun!

We had a very fun and HOT summer in california. This is some fun we had in August.
Tenley loves suckers

...and ice cream

we got to dress up at a wedding. it was so fun but tenley didnt know what to think haha

tenley is very, very messy with her food, especially spaghetti!

chocolate chip cookie

drinking like a big girl :)

mashed potatoes!

she goes everywhere with her "foo" and "Pooh"

she loves to push her shopping cart full of animals

almost everyday she will run over to the piano, stand on her tippy toes, and play the piano. a pianist maybe??

 she is such a good littl helper!

hangin with papa john

first time wearing pigtails and how cute she looked!!!!

she loves to help mommy sweep...i hope this helper thing keeps up for a long time!

First trip to the zoo. we went to the LA Zoo

she loved seeing all the animals!!

she thought it was pretty great the monkey was so close to her

im sooooo tired......

...and out!!

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