Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pickin Pumpkins

We went to Lombari Ranch for family night to pick out our pumpkins!
Tenley is the little scarecrow in the middle if you can't see

Help us!!!

The cow tried to get us!!

She loved looking at all the farm animals

Tenley's new thing is to smell things. She always wants to smell candles, food, flowers, and sometimes shoes...we are teaching her that isn't cool haha

She liked the Rapunzel scarecrow

the had a little kid hay bale maze and suprisingly Tenley found her way pretty good..probably cuz she could always see me haha

I want this one!!

Mom, these pumpkins are way too heavy

She found the donkeys and was SOO excited!

She was waving to them

A pumpkin just my size :)

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