Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tenley's very 1st birthday!!!!

YAY!!!! Tenley is finally a 1 year old!!!! We can't believe how fast this year has gone by! She is just so much fun. She is a character, diva, comic, cuddler, sweetheart all rolled in to one! We just can't get enough of her! We had a family birthday for her a week before her actually birthday and it was so much fun!

Cutest birthday girl EVER!!!!

We had a "1" birthday theme with lots of pink of course!!!

She loved all her fun decorations

Tenley could not get enough of Grandma Drake's banana punch we made

I want to open my presents!!!


She had the best time opening, looking at, and playing with all her new toys!!

Tenley with Great gammer and papa

Tenley with Great gammer and poppy

Aunts Cori and Cyndi

4 generations

Mima and pops

4 generations

happy family!!

uncle john

cousin nikki

best mommy ever :)

Dinner time!!

she was so hungry

Our spaghetti-aholic girl!

Tenley looks so embarassed to be wearing this bahahaha

Happy birthday to Tenley!!

Showing off her new nightgown that she loves and loves to look at in the mirror haha

she was having such a fun day with her new toys she did not want to go to bed!

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