Thursday, October 25, 2012


In September, me and my sisters Cyndi and Cori were one of the 4 girls teams that competed in the boy scout triathalon. we made tie dye shirts the night before and they was awesome. Cyndi and I were a team where I did the 400yd swim and the 5 mile bike and she did the 3 mile run. Cori was on another girls team and she did the bike leg.

even mom had the team spirit!

best husband ever making sure my bike was ship shape

time to start!!

The water was so cold!

after your dying from the swim they make you run up this big hill!


setting out on the bike leg after everyone helped get me dressed

haha help I can't get up off the grass!

Tenley was such a trooper waking up super early and staying there all day

Cori came in a few minutes before me

go team!! cyndi's starting the run leg

After the swim my arms were so tired and I thought thats ok I will be using my legs on the bike leg, but NO...the bike part was ALL up hill, like steep hills from you know where! so i had to use my arms to push my bike up all the stupid hills. and I'll have you know I was ahead of all the boys and their leaders in my ward until the last like mile when it was finally down hill and the little daredevils went flying down the hill, but i was too scared and went slow. but i would have beat them!!!!

just waitin patiently

we had to run the last 1/2 mile together as a team.

WE DID IT!!!! We were very proud of ourselves!

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