Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ryan and Becca's Wedding

 In July, we had the blessing of going to Justin's brother's wedding. It was in Colorado Springs/Denver and we had sucha fun time hanging out with Justin's family for the weekend!

Cutest flower girl EVER!

 me and Stacey

Shannon and Bentley (cutest "grooms baby" EVER- haha i dont know what they are called)

Sean, uncle kelly, aunt kelly, and grandma

Tenley made cousin sean walk her around everywhere, she loved him!

where's bick?


Yay Ryan and Becca!!

The Drake fam


The babies were such troopers! but they wanted to go home!

ughh fine i'll look for a picture

sleepy and starving babies

Tenley loved playing with the fun toys at the reception especially the glow sticks

Peek-a-boo tenley

Justin giving his best man speech he did so great!!

Justin having his first daddy-daughter dance with tenley

He loved it!!

Grandpa reading to Tenley

the best buddies who are only 5 weeks apart

Tenley didnt like being splash+ Bentley loves splashing=classic! haha

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  1. Oh my god! She is such a cute baby. Wedding parties like this are my favorite. We attended my sister in laws party last month in one of the venues in Chicago and my kids had a great time there. Anyways, this pink color is also looking for pretty. Very good post!