Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun times in September!

Tenley loves her new nightgowns she got for her birthday and she looks amazingly adorable in them!!!

This is her princess chair she sits in to watch her shows while mommy makes breakfast

someone loves oreos!

She knows where the M&M jar is and always runs over to it saying "mmmm, mmmm,mmm"

she had me push her all around in the laundry basket. she thought it was the funnest ride ever :)

she had to have two sippys all that day..silly girl

her very first tie dye shirt i made for her

sometimes she would just lie down on the cool wood floor when it was really hot out haha

sportin the high pants look!

she LOVES the park, and LOVES to climb up the stairs and go down the slide all by herself!!


She's gonna be a soccer player someday!

umm, did i do that??

going for a stroll with gammer

We got to ride a fun little train while visiting gammer and papa, Tenley loved it!

my first dress that I made for Tenley...I'm really proud of it:)

She woke up from her nap and saw her tiara and insisted on wearing it. Once she saw it on herself in the mirror she kept looking in the mirror and smiling and touching her tiara. she is definitely a princess haha

first jeans of the season and big girl shoes...she looked like a little person instead of a baby! :(

her first Tenley sized ice cream cone and she devoured it!

she climbed up all by herself and just sat and watched her cute!

heat wave caused us to have water play!

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